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New Shiloh Institute of Theology (N.S.I.T) is a place of inspirational learning that goes to the core of human’s greatest desire of knowing their purpose on earth. Founded on Christian principles, N.S.I.T is the embodiment of moral fortitude expressed in the teaching and Life of Christ. The Institute is therefore established for the sole purpose of providing quality Bible- based education to all desirous of emulating and promoting the Truths of the Gospel.

Dr Marilyn M. Smith

Bishop Marilyn Smith is a powerful, highly anointed and spirit-filled woman of God. She has spent most of her life in the Church and is the daughter of two of God’s servants, Bishop Lee H. Walsh and Pastor Deserine V. Walsh. Her Christian background is stemmed deeply in the roots of her grandparents Bishop Charles C. Walsh and Christine A. Walsh, who spent their lives pioneering the mission of the gospel in the island of Jamaica, and giving birth to the Shiloh Apostolic Church of Jamaica Inc. in 1942 and numerous others in the United States, Great Britain and Canada.
Bishop Marilyn Smith accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of ten and became highly involved in all areas of church life. At the age of seventeen she was called of God to declare the Word of God and has been obedient to that call ever since. In the early eighties she continued the highly anointed ministerial calling on her life by assisting local fellowships with youth programs and evangelistic outreach programs. 

In 1993 Bishop Smith and Her husband Bishop Vaughn D. Smith were installed as pastors of Shiloh Faith Worship Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Bishop Marilyn Smith was consecrated into the Bishopric on December 05, 2010 and serves as the second Deputy Bishop of the Shiloh Apostolic Churches. She is actively involved in all aspects of Church development and administration. 

Bishop Smith studied at the University of Technology where she earned an associate degree in Land Surveying technology; she has experience in areas of civil engineering, Real Estate and Land development. Though she no longer works in the secular field she uses her knowledge to advice churches in building acquisition and non-profit organizational structure. Creating programs that will better improve the quality of life for others is a passion she is committed to as she continues to be actively involved in the Community with feeding the hungry and homeless projects, offering guidance in areas of first home buyer purchase process, financial literacy and youth mentorship. 

She has an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Florida and is currently continuing studies at Liberty University in Virginia, USA pursuing a degree in International Business and Law. 

Over the years Bishop Marilyn Smith has allowed the Holy Spirit to direct her life and has traveled extensively carrying the gospel message both nationally and internationally. She has traveled throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and Caribbean attending and conducting workshops, revivals, retreats, seminars and conferences.

Bishop Marilyn Smith is an author in her own rights of several publications, namely; Passing through the clouds, Preparing for the Next Season and What to do in the day of trouble. As a prolific speaker, she unashamedly carries the gospel of Jesus Christ as a vessel of honor. In the grace of her womanhood she balances the role of motherhood, church administrator, counselor, teacher and evangelist. Bishop Smith has been married to Bishop Vaughn Smith since June 1984, and are proud parents of two adult sons, a daughter-in-love and grandparents to three grandchildren.

Dr  Vaughn D. Smith

Bishop Vaughn Smith is a man of God whose early years in ministry were developed under the tutelage of Bishop Stanley Taylor at the Mount Zion Church in Newark New Jersey. It was there that Bishop Smith learnt the virtue of servant hood where from the age of 17 he served as youth leader, Sunday school teacher, choir director and transportation minister.

Bishop Vaughn Smith humble beginnings originated from His parents, Wilburn and Pearlita Smith who taught him the rudiments of Christianity. Armed with a strong spiritual background, Bishop Smith graduated from Weequahic High school in Newark New Jersey and furthered his education at Essex County College where he studied Airline Travel. He later matriculated into the telecommunications industry and in 1987 established his own Business Telephone systems company in South Florida which he continues to operate today. He has an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 1993, Bishop Vaughn Smith accepted his call from God to preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Bishop Marilyn Smith launched the ministry of Shiloh Faith Worship Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Bishop Smith and his wife have been instrumental in launching ministries in the central Florida region and gives oversight to numerous assemblies in the United States, United Kingdom and Jamaica.  Bishop Smith is a member of the Shiloh Executive board serves as one of the treasurers of the board of Trustees of the Shiloh organization in the United States.

Having a global reach this man of God is known for his diligence in teaching the dynamics of Faith’s power using Biblical principles to teach individuals how to actualize success in their Christian walk. 
Bishop Vaughn Smith compassionate and sensitive to the lost is evident in his ability to effect change in their lives. He challenges individuals to walk by faith and not by sight. 

Bishop Vaughn Smith is a true disciple of Jesus Christ; he is submissive to the authority of the Holy Ghost. He has been the keynote speaker at several seminars, workshops, conferences, men’s retreats, and Sunday worship services. He remains steadfast in the things of God and has committed himself to be a willing vessel, used by God, to prepare souls for the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He has been married to Bishop Marilyn Smith since June 1984 and together are proud parents of two adult sons, a daughter-in-love and grandparents to three grandchildren.